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Where Banking Adds Up to Rewards

Through Signature Membership, you’ll earn Relationship Points for managing, borrowing, saving, and investing money with Wescom – meaning the more you bank with us, the more rewards you’ll get.

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Designed for You

Wescom Signature Membership focuses on rewards. Bank with Wescom, earn points, and get rewards. It’s that simple, just for you. Signature Membership has always been about rewarding your banking relationship with us.

Wescom Members Enjoy

  • FREE Checking!*
  • NO Minimum Savings Account Balance Fee!
  • NO Overdraft Transfer Fees!


Check Your Signature Score

Log in to Online Banking or Wescom Mobile Application to see if you qualify for Signature Membership.


Signature Members Can Enjoy the Following Benefits

Benefit Signature Membership
(5–7 Relationship Points)
Platinum Signature Membership
(8+ Relationship Points)
Non-Wescom ATM Fee Waiver1
Skip-a-Pay Fee Waiver
Stop Payment Fee Waiver2
NSF or Courtesy Pay Fee Waiver
Notary Service Fee Waiver
Coin Redemption Fee Waiver
Domestic Incoming Wire Fee Waiver
Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee Waiver
Cashier's Check Fee Waiver
1 per month
2 per month
Home Equity Line of Credit Annual Fee Waiver3
APY4 Bonus on New and Renewing Certificates
APY Bonus on Money Market Accounts
Closing Cost Rebate on New First Mortgages5
Courtesy Pay Limit
Access to $500
Access to $1,500
Wescom Design Checks
One Box
One Box
Temporary Checks
IMAGINE THAT! Picture Card Fee Waiver
Visa® Gift Card Fee Waiver6
Card Replacement Fee Waiver (Debit, Credit, or ATM Card)
Medallion Signature Guarantee Fee Waiver NEW
FICO® Score Summary7

All Signature Membership Benefits listed above are on an annual basis, unless noted otherwise. Certain terms and conditions apply. For details, please see the Signature Membership brochure.

Bonus During Your New Member Period

Your New Member Period is your first three full calendar months beginning on the date you join Wescom. Depending on when you joined, this period can range from 90 to 120 days. During this time, you’ll be able to enjoy a Certificate Annual Percentage Yield bonus. To enjoy this benefit – and many more – even after your New Member Period, earn five to seven Relationship Points to achieve Signature Membership and eight or more Relationship Points for Platinum Signature Membership.

1 Non-CO-OP® or Non-Wescom ATM operators and institutions may charge an ATM usage fee in addition to the fees charged by Wescom. Fees may apply for each transaction even if made at the same time.

2 Excludes Stop Payments on both BillPayer and Loan Drafts.

3 Refer to your Home Equity Line of Credit Disclosure for details.

4 APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

5 Applies only to new purchases and refinances from another lender.

6 Fee waived for in-branch, non-personalized Visa® Gift Card.

7 FICO® Score Summary through Wescom is complimentary for members with an active Wescom loan in good standing, Signature Members and Platinum Signature Members. Members must opt-in to receive FICO® Score Summary. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Issac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Signature Membership terms and conditions apply.

Can We Help You Find Something?

And More for Platinum





Signature Relationship Points reward members based on the depth of each member’s relationship with the Credit Union. You earn Signature Relationship Points each time you use one of our services or products designed to make your life simpler.



Platinum Signature Member

A member who has accumulated 8 or more relationship points at any time during a calendar year.

Signature Member

A member who has accumulated between 5 and 7 relationship points at any time during a calendar year.

Signature Scorecard

A summary of each member’s Signature Score and list of Wescom products and services along with the corresponding relationship points for those products and services.

Signature Membership

Our way of rewarding members for maintaining an active relationship with Wescom.

Signature Score

The sum of all the relationship points that can be earned by using Wescom products and services and determines your Signature Membership level.

New Member Period

The first three full calendar months beginning on the date a member joins Wescom. Depending on when joined, this period can range from 90 to 120 days.

Terms & Conditions  

Signature Membership is available to all Wescom members age 18 and over. Youth Accounts are not eligible for Signature Membership. You must be a member in good standing with the Credit Union and keep at least $1.00 in your Regular Share Account to be eligible. Members who have been disqualified from Signature Membership are not eligible for the 50+ Year Relationship. Accounts are reviewed regularly to determine continued eligibility for Signature Membership. Members can advance at any time during the calendar year unless they are no longer a member in good standing or have less than $1.00 in their Regular Share Account. Once attained, Signature Membership is good through December 31 of that calendar year and is reviewed at that time to ascertain continued eligibility.

Signature Membership benefits will be reviewed on an annual basis. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of Signature Membership at any time. Certain terms and restrictions apply.

Signature Membership is achieved for individual accounts. Members with multiple accounts must achieve Signature Membership for each account.

Overdraft Transfer Fees subject to reimbursement will be reimbursed by close of business on the day the fee is assessed. Non-Wescom ATM Fee Waivers apply only to fees assessed by Wescom; you may still be charged fees by the terminal owner.


Bonus on Money Market Accounts

Eligibility for the bonus is based on Signature Membership level. Eligibility for the bonus continues as long as Signature Membership is maintained, based on annual evaluation. The bonus is applied to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) beginning the first of the month after you achieve Signature Membership or Platinum Signature Membership. The loss of the bonus is retroactive to the first day of the month in which you no longer qualify for Signature Membership.


Bonus for New and Renewing Certificates

Existing Members: Eligibility for the bonus is based on Signature Membership level. Existing members who open a new Certificate or have an existing Certificate will receive an increased bonus as they advance through Signature Membership, based on a monthly evaluation on the last calendar day of the month.

New Members: The Platinum Signature Membership Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Bonus will apply at the time of Certificate opening. The bonus will continue as long as the Platinum Signature Membership level is attained by the end of the 90-day grace period (last calendar day of the month following the date the Certificate was opened). If Platinum Signature Membership is not attained by the end of the 90-day grace period, the bonus will adjust to reflect the rate available at the time of Certificate opening.

All Members: The bonus is applied to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). If a member becomes ineligible for the bonus, the bonus will be suspended and will not be reinstated during the calendar year. The loss of the bonus is retroactive to the first day of the month in which the member no longer qualifies for Signature Membership.


Closing Cost Discount

Eligibility for a closing cost discount is based on Signature Membership level at time of loan origination plus the relationships that the member would achieve with the new loan. The amount of the discount is based on Signature Membership level at the time of loan origination. The discount is valid for new purchases and when a member refinances a mortgage loan from another lender to Wescom. It is not valid for refinances on an existing Wescom mortgage. Contributions towards borrower's closing costs from third parties including the lender credit cannot exceed maximum limits established by the loan program for which the borrower qualifies.



If you take advantage of Skip-a-Pay, your loan(s) will continue to accrue interest during that time. Deferring your loan payment will extend the term of your loan(s); you always have the option of making additional or larger payments in the future to pay down your loan faster. Real Estate loans are not eligible for Skip-a-Pay. Other terms and restrictions apply. Please ask for details.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay Program allows the Credit Union to automatically pay member checks, ACH debits, debit card transactions (if opted in) and BillPayer transactions presented for payment against non-sufficient funds. Courtesy Pay is not a guaranteed overdraft line. The Credit Union is under no obligation to pay any items that would cause an overdraft balance but retains the right to do so at our sole discretion. The fee for Courtesy Pay is the same as NSF items returned as disclosed in our Schedule of Fees and Charges. However, through Signature Membership, Platinum Signature Members may receive up to two Fee Waivers per year and Signature Members may receive one Fee Waiver per year. After an account has been overdrawn for 14 consecutive days, no further overdrafts will be paid. Furthermore, if an account is overdrawn for 30 consecutive days, that account may be charged off and the membership maybe restricted. Use of Courtesy Pay is subject to additional terms and restrictions. Please visit wescom.org for more information about Wescom's Courtesy Pay Program and other prerequisites for qualification.

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