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Wescom Teller#Phone

How to use Teller#Phone

Teller#Phone Tips and Tricks

  • Dollar Amounts are entered without decimal points. For example, $100.00 should be entered as 10000#. Dates are entered as six-digit numbers. June 1, 2001 is entered as 060101.
  • Only enter # when prompted by the system. It is not necessary to do so after entering a menu number.
  • Your call will be automatically terminated if no entry is made within 30 seconds or if your call exceeds 20 minutes.
  • Each account has its own unique two-digit number to identify it. Write down your own personal two-digit numbers for convenient reference. To find out your two-digit numbers, please refer to your recent monthly statement or listen to a listing of them under "Savings or Checking Accounts" or "Loans or Credit Cards."

Before You Start

To make your first call with Teller#Phone quick, easy and hassle-free, please download the Teller#Phone Pocket Reference (PDF) and take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the features and operation.

During your first few calls, use the new Teller#Phone in MENU mode. This mode prompts you through the ACTION codes.

  • There are no codes to memorize
  • You can enter your selection at any time during the message for faster service
  • Press 0 to reach a Member Service Representative during regular business hours.

After you become familiar with the menu, you may want to switch to EXPERT mode, which allows you to bypass the MENU mode options and get to the information you want even faster. To change to EXPERT mode, see Additional Options and Change Preferences in theTeller#Phone Pocket Reference (PDF) In EXPERT mode:

  • Enter any service code from the list, followed by the # sign (required)
  • Enter your selection at any time during the message for faster service.
  • Press 1 at any time for a list of EXPERT mode service codes.
  • Press 10 to reach a member Service Representative during regular business hours.

Completing Transactions

Before a transaction is posted, you will be asked to "press 1" to complete the transaction or "press 9" to cancel. Once you elect to process the transaction, wait to hear "service completed" before you proceed.

For Your Security

Teller#Phone identifies you by your account number and your four-digit secret Access Code. You can protect your account by not providing this information to anyone.

Reminder: You cannot use the last four digits of your Social Security Number or account number as your Access Code.

If you wish to block Teller#Phone access to your account, please call the Member Service Center at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266) or stop by any Wescom Branch.