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Signature Membership Glossary

Common terms and phrases relating to Signature Membership.

Signature Membership: A Glossary of Terms

Platinum Signature Member

A member who has accumulated 8 or more points at any time during a calendar year.

Signature Member

A member who has accumulated between 5 and 7 points at any time during a calendar year.

Signature Scorecard

A summary of each member’s Signature Score and list of Wescom products and services along with the corresponding points for those products and services.

Signature Membership

A system of allocating point values to specific products and services, with corresponding rewards for qualifying Wescom members.

Signature Score

The sum of all the points that can be earned by using Wescom products and services and determines your Signature Membership level.

My Qualifying Points

This number reflects the highest number of points you have achieved during the current calendar year and determine your Signature Score.

My Current Points

This number represents your current level of activity in the credit union and may be lower than your Qualifying Points — e.g. If you recently paid off a Wescom auto loan, this score would reflect the loss of two Signature Points.

New Member Period

The first three full calendar months beginning on the date a member joins Wescom. Depending on when joined, this period can range from 90 to 120 days.

Signature Membership Benefit