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Signature Membership 2019 | Where Relationships Earn Rewards

New Member Period

Experience Special Platinum Signature Membership Benefits

Special Platinum Signature Member Period

Enjoy special value-packed benefits during your New Member Period. It's our way of encouraging you to achieve Signature Membership and receive even more benefits all year long.

New Member Period

Your New Member Period is your first three full calendar months beginning on the date you join Wescom. Depending on when you joined, this period can range from 90 to 120 days.

Platinum Benefits

  • Free Checking: We waive the $8 monthly fee.
  • Auto Loan Rate Discount: Save the APR* of your loan.
  • Certificate Bonus: Open a Certificate and earn APY** bonus.
  • No Minimum Balance Fee: We waive the $5 monthly fee.

How to Keep These Benefits

Enjoy these benefits—and many more—beyond the New Member Period by achieving Signature Membership.

When you achieve Platinum Signature Membership

  • You'll keep the APY** Platinum Certificate Bonus
  • You’ll keep the APR* Auto Loan Discount
  • You’ll keep free Checking
  • You’ll keep the $5 Monthly Minimum Balance Fee Waiver

When you achieve Signature Membership

  • Your Certificate Bonus will adjust to the Signature Bonus APY**
  • Your Auto Loan APR* will adjust to the Signature Membership Discount
  • You'll keep free Checking
  • You'll keep the $5 Monthly Minimum Balance Fee Waiver

* APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

** APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

Members who don't achieve Signature Membership pay the $8 Monthly Checking Account fee and their Auto Loan and Certificate rates adjust to the rates that were in place when their account opened. For details, click here

The $8 Checking Account fee and $5 Minimum Balance fee is also waived for members age 60 and older, members age 18 through 25 who have opted out of paper statements and used eBranch within the last 30 days and Youth Accounts. The $8 Checking Account fee is also waived for Club and Organization Accounts. The $5 Minimum Balance fee is also waived for members who maintain an end-of-month aggregate minimum balance of $250. Please refer to for additional ways to waive these fee.