Rewarding Your Relationships

Signature Icons

Signature Membership is our way of recognizing and rewarding Wescom Members for their relationship with the Credit Union.

Achieving Signature Membership

There are two progressive levels of Signature Membership:

When you bank with Wescom and use our products and services — such as Account Alerts, or auto and home loans — you'll automatically earn Signature Relationships.

Make It a Signature Year

Make this year a Signature year by qualifying for the benefits and rewards of Signature Membership such as:

Plus, qualify for Platinum Signature Membership for even more rewards such as:

Learn more about Signature Membership to see all the simple ways to earn Signature Relationships, call us at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266), or stop by any Wescom branch.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

**Discounts on MyRewards Points redemption does not apply towards the purchase of a Visa® Gift Card.

Boosting Your Relationships

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Starting this year, Wescom is helping students and long-term members qualify for Signature Membership.

New Student Relationship

Wescom Members ages 18 to 25 years old will automatically earn one Signature Relationship* towards their Signature Membership Qualifying Score.

The addition of the new Student Relationship is reflected on the 2016 Signature Member Scorecard.

Rewarding 50+ Years of Membership

Wescom Members with 50+ years of membership will automatically** qualify for Platinum Signature Membership, our highest level of benefits and rewards.

The addition of the new 50+ Years of Membership benefit is reflected on the 2016 Signature Member Scorecard.

For questions and complete details regarding Wescom Signature Membership, call us at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266), stop by any Wescom branch.

Learn more about Signature Membership.

*In order to qualify for the Student Relationship, you must be 18 to 25 years of age, in good standing with the Credit Union, and keep at least $1.00 in your Regular Share Account.

**In order to qualify for the automatic 50+ years of membership Platinum Signature Membership, you must be in good standing with the Credit Union and keep at least $1.00 in your Regular Share Account to be eligible. Accounts are reviewed regularly to determine continued eligibility for Signature Membership.

Golden Egg

Now's the Time to Fund Your 2015 IRA

It's not too late to stash away funds for your retirement — you have until April 15, 2016 to contribute to your 2015 Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

By contributing to your 2015 IRA, you may reduce your taxes and increase your retirement savings (consult a tax advisor).

Take Control of Your Future

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Earn Up to a $200 Visa® Gift Card with a WFS IRA!

With an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) from Wescom Financial Services (WFS), you could earn up to a $200 Visa Gift Card.

To qualify, simply open a Traditional or Roth IRA, rollover a 401(k), or transfer an existing IRA to WFS by April 30, 2016* and you'll receive:

To open an IRA or learn more about the investment options available to you, schedule your no-obligation consultation with a WFS Investment Representative. Call us at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266), ext. 5104, or stop by any Wescom branch.

*Members who open a Traditional or Roth IRA, rollover a 401(k), or transfer an existing IRA between January 1 and April 30, 2016 will qualify to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card for a $5,000 minimum or a $200 Visa Gift Card for a $25,000 minimum. The account must be funded within 45 calendar days of opening. The account must remain open for 90 days to qualify for the gift card. Gift cards will be mailed out after the 90 day period is over. IRA accounts opened through eVision do not qualify for the gift card offer. Offer is not valid with internal transfers originating from an existing WFS IRA account or contributions made to an existing WFS IRA account. Limit one gift card per household.

Before deciding whether to retain assets in an employer sponsored plan or roll over to an IRA an investor should consider various factors including, but not limited to: investment options, fees and expenses, services, withdrawal penalties, protection from creditors and legal judgments, required minimum distributions and possession of employer stock.

Investment products and services offered through Wescom Financial Services, LLC (WFS), a Registered Investment Advisor, broker-dealer, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescom Holdings, LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescom Credit Union. Registered Representatives are employed by and registered through WFS (Member FINRA/SIPC).

Investments are not NCUA/NCUSIF insured, are not Credit Union guaranteed, and may lose value.

A withdrawal prior to age 59 ½ may be subject to IRA penalty and tax consequences.

Wescom Financial Services CA Insurance License #0E36340.

Consult your tax advisor.