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TierPlus Money Market

With a TierPlus Money Market Account the more you save, the more you will earn.

Liquid Money, Solid Returns!

You work hard for your money, so your money should work hard for you. With a TierPlus Money Market Account, the more money you keep in your account, the more money you'll earn. You'll also have instant access to your cash and the added convenience of check-writing privileges.


  • Make deposits whenever you want.
  • There's no penalty for making withdrawals.
  • Write up to six checks per month (six checks per month may clear).
  • Money Market IRAs also available.

Compare Rates

Institution $2500+ $10,000+ $25,000+ $50,000+ $100,000+
Bank of America0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
Union Bank0.05%0.05%0.08%0.08%0.08%

Annual Percentage Yields shown were obtained by an independent survey on 12/22/2016