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Mobile Applications FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Wescom Apple® and Wescom Android™ App?
The Apple® and Android™ App are free mobile banking programs for Apple® and Android™ devices. They let you access Wescom accounts through eBranch wirelessly over the Internet.
How much does it cost to use the Apple® or Android™ App?
Both apps, and mobile access to Wescom accounts, are free to Wescom members.
How do I sign up to use the Apple® App?
If you have an Apple® device, visit Apple™ App Store to download and install the application.
What about the Android™ App?
The Android™ App is available to members with a phone that uses Google's Android operating system (with an OS of 5.0 or higher). To download it, just get it on Google Play.
How do I log on to my account using one of these apps?
The process for both apps is similar to the eBranch log on. In the Login screen, simply enter your account number or User ID and your password, then click the Login button.
Can the Apple® and Android™ App help me find a Wescom network ATM?
Yes. Once you've logged on, click on the image of a magnifying glass labeled Find ATM/Branch. Using your device's GPS function, the program will display the locations of the branches and ATMs closest to your location. You can select a location and receive driving directions.
What else can I do with these apps?

Here's some of what you can do:

  • Select MyAccounts to view the eBranch account balance page. You can view account history, make balance inquiries, and transfer funds
  • Click on Transfer Funds to make a share-to-share or share-to-consumer-loan transfer. You can also make a transfer to your credit card or mortgage.
  • Touch BillPayer to schedule payments for existing payees, view and edit bill payments, or to view payment history.
  • Our Apple® device App now features SendMoney, which lets you transfer funds to someone from your Wescom Checking Account.
  • With your Apple® or Android™ device, snap a photo of your check and deposit it to your Wescom accounts with SnapDeposit.
  • Select About to learn more about Wescom.