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Wescom Express View Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wescom Express View?

Wescom Express View is a new mobile feature that streamlines the access of your balances and history information without the need to enter your credentials.

Will I be able to process transfers or schedule BillPayer payments with Wescom Express View?

Wescom Express View is a view-only mode of balances and history information; transactions are not allowed. You are required to Login with your credentials to process transactions and have full access to your account.

How do I Enable or Disable Wescom Express View?

Once you have logged in to your account, you may Enable or Disable Wescom Express View from the application Menu by selecting the three horizontal lines on the top left hand side of the screen, then select Settings, and click Wescom Express View.

How secure is my Wescom Express View information?

Your Wescom Express View information and session are protected with similar state-of-the-art technology as when accessing your account with credentials.

How do I keep my phone further protected from anybody accessing my Wescom Express View information?

We recommend you add a passcode or security lock to your phone to further secure access when the device is not in use. In addition, please keep your phone software updated, including your Wescom application.

What if I lose my phone and Wescom Express View is Enabled?

Wescom Express View can easily be Disabled on any device by changing your account password via eBranch.

What if I get a new phone?

Make sure to Disable Wescom Express View on your old phone and uninstall the Wescom application.

Will I be required to provide my credentials when accessing Wescom Express View?

For security reasons, from time to time we will prompt you for your account credentials before accessing Wescom Express View.

With Wescom Express View Enabled, can I still access other accounts?

Absolutely, Wescom Express View is intended for the primary account you access, to transact on this account or access other accounts, click Login and provide the account credentials.

Can I have multiple accounts Enabled for Wescom Express View on the same device?

Only one account can be Enabled for Wescom Express View on a device.

Can an account be Enabled for Wescom Express View on multiple devices?

Yes, an account can be Enabled on multiple devices.

Will my account be considered an active eBranch/Mobile account for Signature Membership by simply accessing Wescom Express View?

Yes, accessing Wescom Express View is considered as mobile activity towards Signature Membership.