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eText FAQ



What is eText?

eText provides eBranch users with an easy, convenient way to manage accounts, and expands eBranch account security, all via SMS text messaging.

How much does it cost to use eText?

Wescom does not charge members to use eText, although charges from your wireless carrier may apply.

Which mobile service providers support eText?

  • AT&T
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Virgin
  • Boost
  • Cellcom
  • Cellular South
  • Alltel
  • US Cellular
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • East Kentucky Network
  • Immix
  • nTelos
  • Rural

Which mobile service providers DO NOT support eText?

  • Cricket Wireless

How do I sign up to use eText?

To use eText, log on to eBranch. You can register your mobile device here.

Can I access my account from more than one mobile device?

Yes. You can register multiple devices on the same account via eBranch.

How do I register my mobile device?

When enrolling in eText, you will be asked to enter your 11-digit mobile phone number. You’ll then receive an activation code via text message that must be entered into the eBranch eText screen immediately. That’s it! You’ll be ready to start using that handset with eText.

Where do I text my account inquiries and transactions?

Send your text messages to 26792. For quick access, we recommend you add eText (26792) to your contact list on your phone.

Who do I contact if I need help with eText?

Text the word HELP to 26792 and we will send you a help message with a list of available keywords. Or email your questions to us at

How do I unsubscribe from eText?

To unsubscribe, text the word STOP to 26792 at any time. To customize your eText service, just login to eBranch and click the eText menu option on the left. You can enable or disable certain eText features to better suit your needs.

How do I format messages sent to eText?

Every message sent to eText via 26792 — whether the first command requesting a balance, or a response letting us know which account you’d like the balance for — must include the appropriate keyword or response. Here are a few examples:

Example 1: Retrieve an Account Balance

  • Enter the Command: BAL
  • Expected Response: A list of available accounts
  • Enter the Command: 3
  • Expected Response: The balance for the account labeled 3 on your list of available accounts

Example 2: Retrieve an account balance using the shortcut method

  • Enter the Command: BAL S02
  • Expected Response: The balance from your Share 02 account

Example 3: Transfer $250 from your Share 02 account to your Loan 01

  • Enter the Command: TRAN S02 L01 250
  • Expected Response: Message requesting confirmation of the transfer
  • Enter the Command: YES
  • Expected Response: Message confirming completion of transfer

Is eText case-sensitive?

No. Commands typed in uppercase or lowercase letters will be recognized the same. For instance, a balance inquiry typed “bal” or “BAL” will receive the same response.

Does eText offer shortcuts so I can access my information and make transfers more quickly?

Yes, we have simple command shortcuts. They’ll help you quickly and easily access your accounts for inquiries, make transfers, and manage your eBranch security. Here’s a list of shortcuts available through eText. Be sure to modify your Share or Loan IDs as necessary (i.e. S00, S01, L01, L2, etc.):

  • HELP — Get a list of available eText keywords.
  • BAL S01 — Get a balance on your Share or Loan account.
  • HIST L01 — Get transaction history on your Share or Loan.
  • NEXT — Get the next five transactions of transaction history after receiving the first response on a history command.
  • TRAN S00 L01 200 — Transfer $200 from S00 to L01.
  • LOCK — Lock your eBranch account (login not allowed).
  • UNLOCK — Unlock your eBranch account (login allowed).

What does it mean when I see “1/2” in a text I’ve received?

The label “1/2” means that you’re reading the first in a series of two messages from eText. To avoid confusion, always read messages in the correct order.

Why are the eText messages out of order when I read them on my mobile device?

Messages are sent to you in the order they’re intended to be read. Depending on your mobile provider, it may take longer for some messages to be delivered than others. Their order may get mixed up on the way to your phone. Please note the labels (“1/2,” “2/2,” etc.) and read them in the correct order.

Why are my inquiries received as multiple text messages?

All text messages are limited to 160 characters. When an eText message exceeds that, you will receive your information in multiple messages.

I am enrolled in eText and have text messaging capabilities on my mobile phone, so why won’t my phone receive messages from eText?

If you can receive standard text messages on your mobile phone but are unable to receive eText messages, the “short codes” on your phone may be blocked. To use eText, you must enable short codes with your mobile provider.

“Short codes” are special phone numbers used to send text messages from mobile phones. They are often used for services such as television voting, ordering ringtone