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eBudget from Wescom

Wescom Checking Accounts


A Personal Finance Manager Tool from Wescom

Take Control of Your Finances!

Keeping tabs on your finances just got a whole lot easier, thanks to eBudget from Wescom. This all-new application lets you review all your finances in one place, including accounts from other financial institutions. Plus, handy pie graphs show you exactly where your money’s coming from and where it’s going.

One-Stop Budgeting

Just look at all eBudget lets you do from your computer or mobile device:

  • Get a complete overview of all your accounts, including those from other financial institutions.
  • Set a budget and see how well you stick to it.
  • Create financial goals for you and your family.
  • Create custom categories to see how much you spend on what.

Get Started Today

All these features and much more are free to Wescom members. Setting up your account takes only a few minutes, and once you do, you’ll have control of your finances like never before. Just log on to eBranch, select “eBudget” from the left-hand menu, and follow the simple onscreen instructions.

See How It Works

This short video will give you an overview of just how useful eBudget can be to your everyday finances. Click here to view more videos demonstrating eBudget’s abilities.