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Credit Card Terms & Conditions

Wescom Visa® Terms & Conditions


As required by law, rates, fees and other costs of this credit card offer are disclosed here. All account terms are governed by the Wescom Visa Agreement and Disclosure. Account and Agreement terms are not guaranteed for any period of time; all terms, including the APRs and fees, may change in accordance with the Agreement and applicable law. We may change them based on information in your credit report, market conditions, business strategies, or for any reason.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases

APRs range from 9.15% to 18.15% APR

The APR you receive is determined based on your creditworthiness.

Other APRs

Cash Advances and Balance Transfers: Standard Variable APR is 9.15% to 18.15% for all Direct Deposits, Check Cash Advances, ATM Cash Advances, Bank Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and Cash Equivalent transactions.
See3 below for explanation.

Default APR: Variable APR is 23.15%.
See1 below for explanation.

Variable Rate Information

Your APRs may vary. For each billing cycle, we determine each APR by adding a margin to the prevailing U.S. Prime Rate. The margin for the Standard Variable APR for Purchases, Cash Advances and Balance Transfers is between 5.65% and 14.65%. The margin for the Default APR is 19.65%.
See2 below for explanation.

Grace Period for repayment of balance for Purchases

25 days if previous balance is paid in full by its due date. No grace period on Cash Advances, Balance Transfers or any cash transaction.

Method of computing the balance for Purchases

Average Daily Balance (including new purchases).

Annual Fee


Minimum Finance Charge


Foreign Transaction Fee

On purchases made outside the U.S., the fee is 1% of the U.S. dollar amount of each such transaction, whether originally made in U.S. dollars or converted from a foreign currency.


  • Transaction fee for Cash Advances: 2% of each such transaction ($2 minimum; $50 maximum)
  • Balance transfer fee: 2% of each such transaction ($2 minimum; $50 maximum)
  • Late payment fee: $15 if the Minimum Monthly Payment is not received within 15 days of the Payment due date

1When your minimum payment is late (i.e., not received by 5 p.m. PST, on its Payment Due Date) two (2) times thirty (30) days or one (1) time sixty (60) days within a twelve (12) month period , we may increase each of your account’s Standard Variable APRs up to the Variable Default APR. The Variable Default APR will be applied to all new and outstanding balances. Your account’s Standard Variable APR will be reinstated after six (6) consecutive months of making payments on time.

2The U.S. Prime Rate used to determine your APRs for each billing cycle is the highest rate appearing in The Wall Street Journal on the first (1st) day of each month. On December 17, 2015 the U.S. Prime Rate applicable using this formula was 3.50%.

3Cash Equivalent transactions are defined as money orders, foreign currency, and traveler’s checks from a non-financial institution, person to person money transfers, casino gaming chips and bail bonds.