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Your fast, easy, and free way to pay bills online.

Save Time With BillPayer

BillPayer is the easiest and fastest way to pay your bills. Just add payees and then schedule a recurring or one-time payment. It's, fast, easy, free — and 100% guaranteed.

To start using BillPayer, log on to eBranch and click on the BillPayer tab on the left. Now you're ready to add payees and take care of all your bills.

Billpayer Features:

  • Add payees easily
  • More than 4,700 popular Electronic Billers
  • Pays most bills within 24 hours
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments
  • Schedule payments from your Checking Account, Personal Line of Credit, or Credit Card
  • View up to 15 months of payment history
  • View images of cleared checks
  • View, edit, and cancel pending payments
  • Email reminders of payment activity
  • Submit payment inquiries with a click of a button

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wescom members routinely give BillPayer top marks, putting it in first place with 100% member satisfaction. It’s easy to sign up, set up your payees, and start paying your bills online. Sign up for BillPayer.

As of now, more than 83 percent of BillPayer payments are made electronically. Plus, over 90 percent of these payments will be processed at the payee as soon as the next business day.