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Account Alerts

Keep track of your finances and detect fraud with real-time email or text message alerts.

Manage Your Money and Detect Fraud with Real-Time Alerts

Account Alerts give you real time email or text message alerts each time a transaction is made on your account.

Account Alerts let you to keep better track of your finances and act as an early-warning system, notifying you about possible identity theft or security breaches of your accounts.

Wescom currently offers these Account Alerts:

Account Activity Summary
An alert will be generated every morning with a total amount of the prior day's deposits, withdrawals, and ending balance for the selected account.
Account Balance Change
An alert will be generated every time the balance on the selected account is over or below the set amount.
Check Cleared
An alert will be generated one time when the specified check has cleared your account. This alert is available for checking accounts only.
Check Stop Payment Expiration
An alert will be generated 10 days before the stop payment request expires and a second and final notification on the day the stop payment becomes void. At that time you may choose to set up a new stop payment request.
Custom Message
An alert will be generated one time at a specific date/time with your own customized message text.
Card Purchase Alerts
An alert will be generated via email or SMS text for PIN or signature based purchases made via your ATM, Check Card, or Wescom Credit Card. Card Purchase Alerts also qualify towards your Signature Score.
Electronic Deposit
An alert will be generated every time an electronic deposit is received on the selected account.
Non-Sufficient Funds Check
An alert will be generated every time a check you have written is returned to the payee due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or due to a hold placed on your account.
Please Note: Once the check has been returned it cannot be held and re-submitted by Wescom. This alert is intended as an immediate notification; the other Financial Institution may decide to re-submit the item without contacting the payee.
Withdrawal Notification
An alert will be generated every time a withdrawal over the specified amount is recorded on the selected account.
Overdraft Transfer Protection
Receive an alert every time an overdraft transfer is made from a share or loan.
Payment Due
Receive an alert before your loan's due date — you choose how many days beforehand you wish to receive the alert.
Courtesy Pay
Receive an alert any time Courtesy Pay covers a payment for you.
Loan Balance Change
Receive an alert any time a selected loan reaches a balance over or under the amount you specify.

To set up your Account Alerts, simply:

  • Log on to eBranch
  • Click "Account Alerts" from the menu
  • Click the "Add Alert" tab to set up the number and type of alerts you'd like to receive
  • Click the Destinations tab and register up to 5 email addresses

You can also set up your alerts to be sent to your mobile phone as either an email or a text message. The process varies depending on your service provider and style of phone — and there may be additional fees involved — so contact your service provider for details on how to have electronic messages sent to your mobile phone.