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BillPayer Payment Guarantee

Paying your bills online is easy and 100% guaranteed.

About the BillPayer Payment Guarantee

We will cover 100% of any late fees and finance charges on payments scheduled within BillPayer as long as they fall within the following guidelines:

  • Your BillPayer payment is withdrawn from your Wescom Account without any exceptions such as Non-Sufficient Funds or Account Closed.
  • You schedule your payment to be withdrawn from your Wescom Account at least three (3) days in advance for electronic payments or seven days in advance for check payments before the due date on your bill.
  • Your BillPayer payee record contains the correct mailing address, account number and any required posting information as instructed by the payee to process payments.
  • Your account at the payee is in good standing prior to the scheduled payment in question and the payee accepts the payment in question.
  • Your Wescom Account is in good standing and follows the guidelines as described in the All About your Accounts disclosure booklet.
  • The payment is made payable to a payee within the Continental United States of America.

This Guarantee Excludes:

  • Payments that are not processed due to circumstances outside our control, such as natural disasters, delays or errors by the Post Office, by the payee, or any third party processor.
  • Tax payments, Court ordered payments, collection agency and government agency payments, and payments to settle securities are excluded from this guarantee.
  • Payments that are not processed or delayed due to an error that was not caused by Wescom Credit Union or its BillPayer service processors.
  • Losses incurred due to late payments or postings beyond standard late fees and or finance charges, such as Security Trades.
  • Any payments with the purpose of generating late fees.

You are responsible for any late payments including any fees, cancellations, or finance charges that may be incurred for payments that are sent with the incorrect account number, incorrect mailing address or payments that don't allow the specified number of days for processing, delivery and posting by the payee.

Reporting a Late Charge or Finance Fee Under This Payment Guarantee

Wescom Credit Union will attempt to re-submit payments that are returned due to a bad address or incorrect account number to your payee or these may be refunded to your account, an email notification will be sent to the primary email address on file.

To initiate a notification from within BillPayer simply click on the payment history record in question, provide the information on the comment section and we will reply to your email within 48 hours. You may also contact our BillPayer Services Department at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266), extension 5042.

Once you notify us of a late fee or charge that falls under this guarantee, we will require a copy of the statement from the payee that includes the fee or charge. Wescom will send an apology letter to the payee and refund to your Wescom Account any fees that are not waived by your payee.

Wescom may choose to update this guarantee at any time. Should this happen, an updated copy will be sent to you via your eBranch eMailbox.